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LA Games Conference Dinner Invite
USC Games Expo Flyer Design
USC Games Expo Logo Design
Presentation Repacking/Cleanup
Presentation Design: DEW 2018
Family Guy Game Billboard Design
Animated Recruiting Promotional Ad
Jam Talks Logo Design
Local Pain Logo Design
Dodgeball T-Shirt Logo Design
Infant Apparel Logo Design
Lunch & Learn Logo Design
Run Club T-Shirt Logo Design
Connect-4-Lunch Logo Design
T-Shirt Design
Logo and Icon Design
Jam City LA Holiday Party 2017 Invite
Jam City LA Summer Party 2017 Invite
Jam City SF Holiday Party 2017 Invite
Jam City LA Holiday Party 2016 Invite
Animal Shelter Drive Flyer
Food Drive Flyer
Blood Drive Flyer
Custom Creative: Hollywood Star
Job Application Redesign
Jam City LA Summer Party 2016 Invite
T-Shirt Design for Company Charity Event
Sugar Smash Print Poster
Toyota Tacoma: CAN YOU PLAY?
Subaru Video Series
Digital Signage: Coffee Bean
Wallpaper: Snow Mountains
Teva Takeover on C&K
7UP on MSN
Wallpaper: Surfing
Wallpaper: Skateboarding
Wallpaper: Snowboarding
Wallpaper: Motocross
Wallpaper: Motocross
Nissan 2010 Juke
Toyota: 2009 Martix
Champion: Hoodie Remix
Gatorade: Labor of Love
Faux Don Julio Ad
Discovery Channel: Shark Week