Design | January 11, 2024
In a fiercely competitive job market with little time to generate new hire social creatives, I was tasked to develop a suite of easy-to-update social media art assets that can be massed produced quickly while elevating Zynga’s brand presence.
Design | July 17, 2023
Created corporate key art banners for Zynga's LinkedIn page to establish a professional and consistent visual identity for the brand.
Design | December 31, 2020
Designed a collection of social posts announcements for Zynga.
Design | February 12, 2020
Responsible for taking art assets form the game, Wild Things and creating trading card designs highlighting each character's background and stats.
Design | April 25, 2019
Responsible for taking art assets form the game, Cookie Jam and creating inspirational social posts highlighting their new game feature, super pets.
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