Branding | January 11, 2024
Logo design for Zynga's employee mentorship program that builds relationships and grows skillsets amongst creatives across Zynga's global studios.
Branding | August 25, 2023
Logo design for Zynga's Advertising pillar.

Zynga Ads mission is to connect the world through games, and through its advertising solutions, brands can tap into the mobile gaming giant’s highly engaged, diverse audience.
Branding | August 08, 2023
Visual asset used for PR and various external communications for Zynga.
Branding | July 17, 2023
Created corporate key art banners for Zynga's LinkedIn page to establish a professional and consistent visual identity for the brand.
Branding | May 19, 2023
Worked with Zynga's zGaming Employee Resource Group (ERG) to modernize their identity.
Branding | June 17, 2021
Logo design for a newly formed games studio division at Zynga called Studio One.
Branding | March 30, 2020
Designed and conceptualized custom logo art for a campaign partnership between Zynga and The World Health Organization (WHO).
Branding | March 20, 2018
Conceptualized and designed logo and promotional art for USC Game Day 2018 presented by Jam City.
Branding | September 19, 2017
Designed logo for employee t-shirts worn by Jam City employee dodgeball team.
Branding | July 08, 2016
Designed logo for employee t-shirts worn by Jam City employees for a Habitat for Humanity volunteer day.
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