Art | February 04, 2022
Created pixel art of French Bulldogs in various costumes and colors.
Art | January 13, 2018
A short animated breakdown of the steps I took to customize a walk of fame Hollywood star for a presentation slide.
Art | February 16, 2013
A collection of random sketches and doodles over time.
Art | January 11, 2011
An acrylic painting of Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Art | April 08, 2006
Animutations feature arbitrary, nonsensical scenes and pop culture imagery and are typically set to a silly soundtrack.
Art | June 05, 2005
An exaggerated portrait of the design team I worked with at Yahoo! Some likenesses were distorted to capture their essence.
Art | June 19, 2001
Drawn solely with a mouse using Adobe Flash, this music video is the result of many stray unfinished projects that needed a home.
Art | May 04, 2001
A Flash animation project where a cow and a bird meet.
Art | February 14, 2001
Created solely in Flash intended as a humorous Valentines Day card.
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