Logo Design: USC Games Expo 2018
Branding | March 20, 2018
Conceptualized and designed logo and promotional art for USC Game Day 2018 presented by Jam City. Recognized as one of the top game design programs in North America by the Princeton Review, kicked off its own video game expo in May 2018. USC Games represents an exciting collaboration between the School of Cinematic Arts’ Interactive Media & Games Division and the Viterbi School of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science and are alma mater for some of the folks behind Oculus VR, and The Stanley Parable. Presented by mobile game developer and publisher Jam City, The inaugural USC Games Expo highlights a slew of student-created games, the rising importance of mobile games and the need for more game developers. While USC Games has for years held a demo day for its Advanced Games Projects program, this is the first time the university is demonstrating games from across all elements of the Games program.
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